Friendly Fridge in Waimea. Shows the fridge outside the WPA Building

Friendly Fridge Waimea…This is who we are as a community.
The FF morphed from the Grab ‘n Go food program which ran during COVID-19 to provide food to those in need. The Fridge is open 24/7 every day of the year and is stocked by caring people, KTA, Starbucks, and local restaurants with extra food, canned goods, and produce. It is located outside of the Waimea Preservation Association cottage front stairs, which allows easy access (the post office is directly behind the cottage).

Recently, a new addition has been made next to the Friendly Fridge – a set of carefully crafted shelving. This initiative aims to provide a convenient space for individuals to leave items they no longer need, but which may prove useful to others. This simple act of adding shelves to the Friendly Fridge not only helps community members reduce waste but also fosters a culture of giving and sharing. Whether it be canned goods, clothing, books, or household items, this communal shelf provides a platform for individuals to offer their surplus belongings to those who may benefit from them. With this thoughtful expansion, the Friendly Fridge continues to serve as a hub for goodwill, not only by providing a constant source of nourishment but also by encouraging locals to reconsider their possessions and give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Please consider donating any extra food, canned goods, etc. as this is a hungry fridge. Please tag items🙏. Your gift will help eliminate food waste and help those in need. A win-win!
~No one should go hungry~

If you would like to donate to this project and help out the Friendly Fridge in Waimea, please use the button below.

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