Minuke'ole Park

“Waimea Preservation Association (WPA) has been helping care for Minuke’ole Park behind Parker Ranch Shopping Center for a number of years. One restoration event was a Hawaiian dry-stone setting workshop in 2016 sponsored by WPA and other community organizations. The wall rebuilding project recalled the name of the park, formerly a Parker Ranch corral. Paniolo “Koko” Lindsey roped an animal in less than a minute, giving the site its name.”

Group of people standing behind the rock wall at Minuke'ole Park
Minuke'ole Park

Article clipping from a newspaper it has an image of people working on the rock wall.
Volunteers carefully set stones to help restore the front walls of Minukeole Park in Waimea on June 3rd. Photo courtesy of Mary-Kay Cochrane

Historic corral dry wall stone setting at YMCA Minukeole Park

Following the design once created by artful ancestral craftsman with present guidance from the Royal Order of Kamehameha 1, Moku O Kohala, the National Parks Puu Kohala N.P. and volunteers spent last Friday carrying stones to rebuild the wall at the Waimea park.

In addition, on June 4th and 5th volunteers from AYSO, Rotary Club of North Hawaii, Waimea Preservation Association and Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club helped with further clean-up while gaining valuable experience.

Off-Island visitors led by Kuaina Ulu Auamo (KUA)  visited Waimea for training last weekend to learn the art in order to take back experience for their own restoring projects

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