waimea preservation association logo has a pencil sketch of an old small house with a girl walking up the steps to the front door there are animals in from on the lawn.

About Us

The Waimea Preservation Association, a renowned organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of Waimea’s natural and cultural heritage, is proudly operated by a passionate and dedicated volunteer board. Comprised of individuals who deeply care about the preservation of this enchanting region, the board members generously contribute their time, expertise, and unwavering commitment to ensure the association’s success. Through their collective efforts, they oversee the strategic direction, decision-making processes, and day-to-day operations of the association, striving to uphold its core values and fulfill its mission. Their selfless dedication and tireless work exemplify the power of community-driven initiatives, serving as an inspiration to all who share their love for Waimea’s unique and irreplaceable treasures.

Bill Sanborn